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The advances in civilization, frequent travel by car, prolonged work in a fixed sitting or standing position and a lack of movement contribute to the fact that an increasing number of people of different ages suffer from various pains, compressions and degenerations of the spine. Genetic conditions are also important in this respect, as well as the physical strain on the body and not maintaining the correct body posture. Sometimes inappropriate accessories are chosen, such as shoulder bags, for example. Backpacks are commonly worn in the wrong way and the shopping we carry is often too heavy.

Spinal pains can also result from injuries, contusions, past surgeries or be caused by rheumatic and weather changes. They can be chronic, temporary, or only occasional. Often the pains in the lumbar region appear after any intense physical effort. If the pain is too frequent and becomes persistent and chronic, the best solution is to use the innovative Taneral Pro magnetic band, which helps to stabilize and protect the lower spine.

Taneral Pro magnetic band is an ideal product for people who want to relieve pain in the lumbar region of the spine, improve their posture and ensure normal functioning every day. It is a non-invasive and unconventional solution which is becoming increasingly popular among customers around the world. Who should use this product? How does it help and what technology was used in its development? How to use it? What makes it so effective and so popular?

The irreplaceable Taneral Pro magnetic band – get to know its secrets

The unique Taneral Pro band displays primarily safe targeted effects using permanent magnetic field therapy. Its most important element are the built-in magnets, which emit power measured in Gauss. Each band is equipped with 12 magnets with a single output of 250 or 500 Gauss. The band can therefore operate with a total power of 3000 Gauss or with an increased power of 6000 Gauss. We choose the strength according to our needs.

The magnets have been additionally covered with a special material that takes care of maintaining proper body temperature. The generation of heat affects cellular regeneration, and this in turn initiates the process of purifying the body of toxins. Blood circulation without such harmful substances functions much more efficiently. This has an impact on the reduction of inflammation and general improvement of muscle performance. This effect is obviously enhanced by magnetotherapy. Thanks to this, Taneral Pro band has a therapeutic and pain-relieving effect. It is therefore a holistic product, which actually improves the functioning of the whole human body.

The material from which the lining of the Taneral Pro waist band is made also draws attention. The specialty fabric uses nanotechnology by absorbing body heat energy and emitting far infrared waves. This has a very beneficial effect on blood circulation, stimulation of biological activity of micro-particles in the body and the expansion of capillaries. Eventually, the overall metabolism of a human being improves significantly, and the body’s immunity improves. An important element of the Taneral Pro band is also the elastic band and stiffening elements, which reduce tension and have a significant impact on the relaxation of tired muscles around the waist and lower spine.

Taneral Pro band – how to use?

The Taneral Pro band works best when it is worn with the magnetic side directly touching the body. In this case the therapy is most effective. However, it is also possible to wear the belt over a T-shirt, for example. This will also improve your posture, stabilise your spine and ensure daily comfort. The band is adjustable. You should always adjust it to your body shape. It should not feel too tight on the body. The band can also be effectively used at night while sleeping. The more often the band is worn, the better effects of the therapy will be achieved.

Taneral Pro magnetic band is made of the highest quality materials, which guarantee user comfort in every situation. Wearing it under clothing is completely invisible, it provides freedom of movement, and its specially designed, ergonomic shape contributes to optimal comfort. The band stays firmly attached to the body even during intensive exercise. It can be washed by hand, preferably in lukewarm soapy water. The water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. The product should be dried away from the sun and other sources of heat.

Taneral Pro

Taneral Pro therapeutic band – magnetotherapy of the highest quality

Magnets found inside the Taneral Pro band act on the body as magnetotherapy. Magnetotherapy is defined as a physiotherapy procedure, which is an important element of rehabilitation of a person suffering from pain. In the case of magnets used in the band, the efficiency of the body is restored, among other things, by the influence of a magnetic field. Treatment with a magnetic field is completely safe and does not react in any way with medication taken.

Thanks to the magnets, the process of reducing inflammations responsible for experiencing pain is accelerated. The magnetic field penetrates the human body and reaches every tissue. As a result, oxygen and nutrients can also easily penetrate the cells. Eventually, the swelling of the regenerated tissues decreases, inflammation disappears, and the pain is greatly relieved. The muscles relax, receive better blood supply and the overall metabolism of the body improves.

Therefore, there are three stages of Taneral Pro band action. The first is the regeneration initiated by the biological energy of magnets. The second stage involves protection and stabilization, i.e. reduction of tension and relief caused by the feeling of orthopaedic belaying of muscles and joints. The third stage is a long-lasting, focused, and self-acting massage with convex magnets, which is the basic element of magnetic acupressure. It is also an important aspect of magnetotherapy.

Magnetic belt Taneral Pro review, feedback

Many people like to talk about how this product works, they are almost always positive reviews.

A good source of knowledge about Taneral Pro are reviews posted on portals with an established reputation.
Taneral Pro is an unrivaled product that meets consumer expectations in 100%.

Taneral Pro has been tested many times before it went on sale, and all tests gave positive results.

Magnetic belt Taneral Pro original price, where to buy? online shop

What is the best place to get a Taneral Pro magnetic band? Magnetic bands are very popular today and often sought after on the market. If we want to buy a specialized product, it is best to do so through the manufacturer’s official website. This way, we will avoid any unpleasant surprises associated with the purchase of a non-original product, which will not meet our expectations.

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