AC Alignment Cycle

The explanation from SchellingPoint can be found here: Alignment Cycle – Explanation to Participants


AO Alignment Optimisation

The concept of improving the quality, execution, and efficiency of collaborative actions such as strategy, policy, projects, and business relationships, using specifically designed software packages.


CT Clinical Trial

Prospective biomedical or behavioural research studies on human subjects that are designed to answer specific questions about biomedical or behavioural interventions (novel vaccines, drugs, treatments, devices or new ways of using known interventions), generating safety and efficacy data. They are conducted only after satisfactory information has been gathered that satisfies health authority/ethics committee approval in the country where approval of the therapy is sought.


D Deliverable

A deliverable is a physical output related to a specific objective of the project, e.g. a report, publication, newsletter, tool, website, or conference. A distinction can be made between external deliverables, which are created for customers and stakeholders, and internal deliverables, which are produced for the purpose of executing the project, and are usually only needed by the project team and the commissioning authority. Both types need to be specified and listed in the work package plan.D Deliverable


DP Digital Patient

The Digital Patient is the challenge to make directly usable to the clinical specialists the VPH technologies. Health professionals collect an ever-increasing wealth of information. At the same time, predictive models of physiological systems are evolving rapidly. Many human diseases are complex, long-term and interconnected with other conditions, making their management difficult. The aim of the Digital Patient initiative is to develop an integrative approach to health prediction using patient-specific information and predictive models.


DoW Description of Work


F2F Face-toface (meeting)


ICT Information and Communications Technologies

in silico By computer simulation


ISCT in silico Clinical Trials

The use of individualised computer simulation in the development or regulatory evaluation of a medicinal product or medical device/medical intervention.

A subdomain of ‘in silico Medicine’.


In silico medicine

The discipline that encompasses the use of individualised computer simulations in all aspects of the prevention, diagnosis, prognostic assessment and treatment of disease.


M Milestone

In addition to the earliest start date and latest completion date of the work package, the timetable should also define clear milestones. A milestone is a scheduled event signifying an important decision making moment or the completion of a deliverable. Milestones can be used as project checkpoints to validate how the project is progressing, thus allowing a proper monitoring of the project implementation.


PHF Personal Health Forecasting

What we propose is to develop personalised VPH models (integrative predictive models) that constantly elaborate all the data transmitted by personal health systems – wearable sensors, ambient assisted living technologies, mobility monitors, etc. and predict how specific aspects of our health will evolve in a near or not-so-near future. Such models should account for chronic diseases, recurrent prescriptions, or specific disabilities and could be further personalised with clinical data such as medical imaging, biomedical instrumentation, biomarkers, etc.


PM Project Month

All activities to be undertaken in the work package must be presented in a realistic timetable, taking into account the fact that some activities must be completed before others may start. In most projects, months are used as the unit for the timing of the activities.


PMO Project Management Office

Project Management Office, Insigneo, University of Sheffield


TC Teleconference


VPH The Virtual Physiological Human

The Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) is a methodological and technological framework that, once established, will enable collaborative investigation of the human body as a single complex system. The collective framework will make it possible to share resources and observations formed by institutions and organizations creating disparate, but integrated computer models of the mechanical, physical and biochemical functions of a living human body. http://


VPH-I The VPH Institute

After seven years of research based on the original VPH Research Roadmap elaborated by the STEP consortium, 67 public and private institutions started a non-profit organisation called the VPH Institute, to coordinate and sustain the VPH research agenda at national, European and international level. Under the general heading of in silico medicine that appeared in the first document on the next European research framework, Horizon 2020, the VPH Institute proposed three grand challenges for the development of the VPH: the Digital Patient, In silico Clinical Trials, and Personal Health Forecasting.


WP Workpackage

A work package is a building block of the work breakdown structure that allows the project management to define the steps necessary for completion of the work. As such, a work package can be thought of as a sub-project, which, when combined with other work package units, form the completed project. Breaking down the work into work packages allows multiple teams to work simultaneously or sequentially on different components of the project. Each team follows the steps defined in the work package plan and completes them by the specified deadline. When all teams have finished their individual work packages, the whole project comes together and the objectives have been achieved.
Depending on the kind of tasks, a distinction can be made between content work packages, which focus on the tasks that will lead to the project outcomes, and horizontal work packages, that are concerned with the management of the project.