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Magnetic insoles for shoes Promagnesol – works? results, side effects

Problems such as foot, knee, or back pain can effectively cause sleepless nights for those who experience them. Taking a lot of painkillers is not a good solution. So, I decided to see how Promagnesol magnetic insoles, a supposedly quite groundbreaking solution in the battle against such ailments, would work.

Chronic pain can have completely different causes. Often, it is simply the case that we experience pain in the foot or knee due to, for example, stretched ligaments or simply various types of contusions. However, it is also possible that pain in the foot area reveals itself due to spinal diseases. It is also worth knowing that some defects in the foot can also cause pain in the spine – for example, as a result of inadequate cushioning.

Regardless of the cause of the pain, everyone who struggles with it, especially on a permanent basis, admits that there are days when it is difficult to endure. A promising solution to the problem is said to be magnetotherapy and Promagnesol magnetic insoles.

Magnetic insoles for pain relief Promagnesol – how do they work?

Promagnesol magnetic shoe insoles use, to the best of my knowledge, exactly the same pain-relieving methods as acupressure, i.e., a special type of massage involving adequate compression of designated areas of the body for the purpose of producing an analgesic and relaxing effect.

Of course, in the case of Promagnesol insoles, this compression is limited only to the feet, but nevertheless, it beneficially affects many more parts of the body. They have appropriately developed magnets, which, by causing this pressure, reduce pain, as well as discomfort associated with various diseases.

The magnets with which Promagnesol insoles are equipped to generate a magnetic field, and their specially created design – the insoles are specially profiled to support the natural curvature of the foot – make their soothing properties stimulate the foot in a profound way, over its entire surface.

However, the foot is not the only part of our body that can benefit from such therapy. Promagnesol magnetic insoles, by stimulating the nerve endings in the foot, have a very beneficial effect on our entire body. First of all – they eliminate ailments not only from the feet, but also from the knees, spine, and according to the accounts of other users that I know – even menstrual pain and migraine pain.

Promagnesol magnetic insoles, to my knowledge, can be worn over bare feet as well as thin socks. For the therapy to be effective, it is recommended to wear them for at least 3 hours a day at first – gradually increasing the wearing time later.

I was able to establish that in addition to their pain-relieving properties, Promagnesol insoles also have many other benefits. Wearing them regularly helps remove toxins from the body, supports the work of internal organs, and even improves mental well-being.

Magnet therapy – the basis of the action of Promagnesol insoles

Magnet therapy is a medically recognized method of therapy that uses the beneficial effects of magnetic fields on the human body – as is the case with Promagnesol insoles. It can be used even for a very long period of time without causing any significant side effects. On the contrary!

Thanks to the dynamic nature of the magnetic field with a frequency close to the natural vibrations of the human body, it restores the body’s energy balance. It is recommended, among others, to people struggling with such conditions as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, or post-traumatic conditions.

Its undeniable advantage is also the fact that it supports the proper process of blood circulation through the entire body.


Insoles for shoes Promagnesol review, feedback

Many people like to talk about how this product works, they are almost always positive reviews.
This product is appreciated by both specialists and users who were equally helped by the treatment.

Promagnesol is one of the best-selling products in its category.

Magnetic insoles for shoes Promagnesol original price, where to buy? online shop

The only place to buy Promagnesol insoles is the manufacturer’s official website. It is impossible to get them at any other place. However, this also has advantages – because by placing an order for this product we gain confidence that we will receive the original version and not a cheap fake.

Is it worth buying Promagnesol insoles?

According to my experience, they work very well, and the comfort of daily functioning after using them improves significantly. I suggest, however, to remember that you need to use them regularly. Otherwise, they may not give such positive results.

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