Supplement testing

Free samples of supplements – where to find them?

Do you want to test some product before buying it or don’t know which supplement is better to choose for your needs? Find out if the manufacturer has released a special line of test samples. You can also take part in promotional campaigns.

Supplement testing

Free Dietary supplements in the form of samples are unfortunately rare. We certainly won’t find them in stores. However, it is worth being up to date and checking information on interesting supplements on the Internet.

Sometimes the producer organizes actions of testing his products and looks for Testers who will use their supplements for a period of several months. The number of Testers in such actions is of course limited, but if we can make it in time for registration, we can count on a supply of supplementation resources, usually including a 3-month treatment. You can also apply for Free samples of Dietary supplements through official websites of manufacturers or the product itself.

Promotional campaigns of this type are also organized by many bloggers, especially those who write about healthy habits and run lifestyle websites. Full-fledged products tend to be prizes in competitions run by them. When applying for Free samples of products, we know the manufacturer imposes certain conditions for obtaining Free samples.

Usually, it is necessary to register on the website, complete a form or survey, provide an e-mail address or submit a report or review after the end of the test period.

Where else to look for free Dietary supplements?

We can ask for free supplements in Pharmacies, but there they will be only one-time samples. It’s worth trying to get some samples during promotional campaigns or sporting, cosmetic and health events, where you can usually take advantage of free medical tests and also supplements.

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