Event 5 – Barcelona

jumRoll’s fifth and final event was hosted in Barcelona by the Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia (AQuAS) on the 4th and 5th June 2015. The event brought together around 100 experts to review the final draft of the Roadmap to in silico Clinical Trials.

Matt Gross presenting on Big Data analytics and in silico Research. jumRoll Event 5.

Matt Gross presenting on Big Data analytics and in silico Research.

Delegates were treated to a variety of talks from a superb range of speakers from excellent institutions:

  • Alistair McGuire, London School of Economics, UK
  • Markus Reiterer, Medtronic PLC, USA
  • Robert Hester, University of Mississippi Medical Centre, USA
  • Claudia Mazzà, Insigneo Institute, UK
  • Matthieu De Beule, FEops bvba, Belgium
  • Mona Nasser, Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, UK
  • Viatcheslav Gurev, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, USA
  • Matt Gross, SAS, USA
  • Alphonso Bueno, University of Oxford, UK
  • Luca Cristofolini, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Edwin Morley-Fletcher, Lynkeus, Italy
  • Marco Viceconti, Insigneo Institute, UK
  • Adriano Henney, VPH Institute, Belgium
  • James Kennedy, Rohde Public Policy, Belgium

Attendees also contributed to ‘breakout sessions’ on a variety of key topics affecting in silico medicine: model credibility; reducing, refining and partially replacing clinical trials; the physiological envelope and the deployment envelope, individual-based population models; policy and governance frameworks for data sharing; and alternative IPR models for biomedical industry.

jumRoll Event 5 delegates enjoy the Conference Dinner.

Event 5 delegates enjoy the Conference Dinner.

A strategy for the continuation of the jumRoll work was agreed, including setting up working groups and specifying standards targets. The event also marked the launch of the jumRoll Alliance – the first partnership of pharmaceutical industrialists, medical device manufacturers, academic researchers and regulatory experts hoping to revolutionise the healthcare industry through the use of computer simulation.



AQuAS logo

Event 5 was hosted and sponsored by Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitàries de Catalunya (AQuAS) – Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia

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