Event 2 – Rome

The second jumRoll event brought together around 50 industrial research experts from the medical device and pharma industries with experience of – or an interest in – the conceptual and design stages of clinical trials to begin to add detail to the design of the process that will ultimately be recommended to the European Commission as a roadmap towards in silico clinical trials.

jumRoll in silico Rome

The second jumRoll event was held in Rome.

In addition to achieving the alignment of participants’ views, the outputs from the event included:

• Identification of conceptual “holes” through a recapitulation/discussion/ratification session of the outline roadmap that has already resulted from our initial academically-driven meeting,

• Developing understanding of the research/commercial relationships within industrial organisations,

• Prioritising the topics to be taken forward to the next jumRoll Event

 The jumRoll Project’s 2nd Meeting was held in Rome, on Friday 6th June 2014.

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